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Important thing about the Title & Description widget is the category name. The category name must be entered exactly as it is entered in the category widget in this case WORK


There are two copies of the Title & Description widget one for the title and one for the description.

The one for the description has a different position number so it stays under the title in the thumbnails.


The Font, Font  color, Font size, and everything related to font is defined in Muse by using the text panel. You can select the title or the description panel and change it in the text panel.


Also the opacity for the descriptions is 50% which is defined from the top menu (while the widget was selected) where the opacity can be changed for any other object.



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who is jam theatre?

Jam Theatre UK

Company Directors



Jam Theatre Company was formed in 2005 by
Jo Carter and Mark Hartley.  Both had worked in the music and theatre industries professionally and had now come to amalgamate their knowledge and experience to form Jam Theatre.


Jam has a passion to produce commercial theatre that entertains and challenges new audiences, both nationally and locally.  The company recognises the importance in encouraging a ‘film going’ younger audience back into the theatre, to experience live performance art at its very best.  Jam believes theatre should be magical.


Training and equipping students of all ages in the skills of performing arts is at the heart of Jam Theatre, be it professionals or those wanting the unleash their theatrical side.  Jam's creative staff are all working professionals in the industry offering the best training and passion for the arts possible.


Find out more about Jam Theatre staff on this page.



Remember too keep the QUICK ACCESS, LANGUAGE and LOCATION BAR closed, before you preview/publish.

You can click on the bars to edit the content inside the expandable menus, and when you are done you can click again on the bars to close them.



Close the menu bars before preview/publish. That way you can make sure that they will not block the content on other pages.

To close, select the menu and uncheck the option that says: "Show lightbox parts while editing" .

To edit the menu bars again, you can check the same option and the submenus will show up.


    If you are finding it difficult to find information on something, then you might just be on the wrong Jam website.  Hopefully the information here will get you directly to where you need to be.

    Jam Theatre Company

    Information on Jam's professional production, part-time training,
    holiday workshops, what's on and the jam staff.

    Jam Creative School

    Jam's new full-time
    school for children in school years 6 – 11.  The national curriculum creatively taught.

    The Jam Academy

    Full-time sixth-form &
    qualifications specialising in Performance & Production Arts.

    Jam Shop

    Jam clothing and tickets for shows.


    Marmalade Management

    Specialist agency for Jam students.


Jam Theatre Company

Professional Production & Training

Jam Theatre UK
Jam Theatre Studios